Sorghum Grain

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Local Impact

The facility provides many benefits to both the Darling Downs area as well as Australia. The facility purchases locally grown sorghum, processes the starch in the grain into ethanol, and then returns the remaining portions of the grain, including both the energy and the protein portions, back into the local food supply-chain as an animal feed.  This approach allows the region to both support the grain needs of the facility and also support needs for the thriving cattle production industry in the region.

About Ethanol

As a petroleum substitute, ethanol provides many benefits for all of us living in Australia.  First, it provides cleaner air for all of us to breathe.  The use of E10 (blended petroleum and ethanol product containing 10% ethanol and 90% petroleum) reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 12%-19% (Argonne National Laboratory, United States).  This is partially accomplished due to the fact that ethanol contains a very high oxygen content (up to 35%), which allows it to burn more cleanly and more completely than petroleum.  Ethanol also contains less gum-forming compounds than traditional petroleum.  In fact, E85 (85% ethanol, 15% petroleum) contains approximately 80% less of these gum-forming compounds.  As a direct replacement for petroleum, ethanol also displaces toxic chemicals such as benzene.

Ethanol also helps reduce greenhouse gases (GHG).  Because ethanol is made from renewable plant-based feedstock, the carbon dioxide released during a vehicle’s combustion is “recycled” during the growth of the feedstock grain.  Independent analysis indicates that ethanol reduces GHG emissions by more than 30%.

Finally, the usage of ethanol in our petroleum supply-chain serves as a direct displacement of petroleum that must be imported into Australia.  This reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources, and improves our overall security as a country.  Rather than importing the needed fuel, ethanol is produced from a renewable resource that is produced in our country by Australian farmers.  The ethanol is sold here in Australia to be used as a cleaner burning fuel, improving the air for all us.  And the resulting animal feed product is returned back to the food supply-chain, helping to grow Australian beef to be supplied to families across this country.  

  • Lower impact on the environment
  • Cheaper price at the bowser
  • Suitable replacement for vast majority of unleaded vehicles
Our Ethanol Products may be suitable for your business if you operate a:
  • Retail service station
  • Fuel distributorship
  • Bulk fuel facility at your industrial site
  • Farm with bulk fuel requirements


Below is a list of organisations that are affiliated with our ethanol program

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Statement - 

United Petroleum and Dalby Bio-Refinery are proud to provide a renewable resource that replaces imported petroleum, improves the air that we breathe, provides a high value animal feed back into the food supply chain.

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