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E85 for Flex Fuel Vehicles

E85 is an alternative fuel that contains 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent regular petrol. The ethanol component, which is produced by United at its Dalby Refinery from locally sourced Sorghum Grain, offers consumers a range of benefits. This fuel is only suitable for Flex Fuel vehicles such as the new Holden Commodore.

Environmentally Friendlier

Litre for litre, ethanol produces about 37 per cent less C02 emissions than regular unleaded or 1.51kg per litre compared to 2.39kg per litre. Combustion of 1 litre of E85 produces around 1.65kg of C02.

Better for the Air We Breathe

Another great benefit of E85 is the massive reductions in hydrocarbon (18% reduction), carbon monoxide (18% reduction) and particulate emissions (34% reduction). Choosing E85 improves the air we all breathe.

Enhanced Power and Performance

Flex Fuel vehicles are specifically designed to take advantage of the very high octane rating of 105, present in E85.

E85 in Motorsport

At the beginning of the 2009 season, all V8 Supercars made the switch to E85. Drivers have noticed the reduced emissions and enhanced performance of their cars.

Where in the world is E85 used?

E85 is used in vehicles around the world. In the US, GM has produced 3.5 million flexible-fuel vehicles of the total 7.5 million flexible-fuel vehicles currently on the road. E85 is a growth segment and many European and US produced vehicles are now available.

For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.

   Ethanol 85 MSDS Report

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