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  • Traralgon West Store Opening Soon!

    by Adrian Zandberg | Dec 07, 2012
    The newly refurbished Traralgon West store will be re-opening soon. Come and check out the new look and maybe grab a tasty treat whilst you're there!
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  • Drouin Store Now Open!

    by Adrian Zandberg | Dec 07, 2012
    A new United Petroleum store has just opened in Drouin. Come and check it out, located at 198A Princes Way, Drouin, Victoria. Store hours are 5:00am - 11:00pm.
  • United Minto NSW and Arundel QLD are now selling E85 fuel

    by Adrian Zandberg | Nov 16, 2012
    United Petroleum Minto NSW and Arundel QLD are now selling our popular E85 fuel.

    E85 is a sustainable fuel that contains 85% ethanol and 15% petrol.  The ethanol component is produced by United at the Dalby Bio-Refinery in QLD.

    E85 is suitable for use in compatible engines only. 

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  • United Petroleum unleaded E10

    by Adrian Zandberg | Oct 10, 2012
    Cleaner air means less respiratory illness such as lung cancer and asthma. The many health benefits of ethanol blends are recognised to be the driving force for ethanol mandates in over 52 countries.

    Why is ethanol called a renewable fuel?

    Ethanol is called a renewable fuel because unlike fossil fuels, it is produced from a renewable resource.  

    Every minute Australians are spending about two million dollars on imported fossil fuels, a finite resource.  

    We need to be embracing  alternative, renewable fuels such as ethanol, for our energy security.  

    E10 contains up to 10 per cent ethanol.  Ethanol is 35 per cent oxygen, allowing a more complete burn in the engine therefore leading to better combustion and less emissions.  
    E10 and your car

    Ethanol helps prevent build-up in your fuel injection system, keeping your engine cleaner and optimising the performance of your car. 

    The National Roads Motorist Association (NRMA) conducted a recent study testing the fuel economy of E10 versus unleaded fuel.  

    They stated, “The testing showed that the performance levels in fuel consumption between the two fuels were minimal.”  

    Driving style and driving conditions will have a greater impact on fuel economy than the presence of 10 per cent ethanol.
    E10 and the environment

    E10 reduced toxic carbon dioxide emissions by up to 30 per cent.  

    Carcinogens in petrol such as butadiene and benzene are reduced 19 per cent and 27 per cent respectively with an E10 blend.

    Inhaling fine particulates from vehicle pollution may cause respiratory illness such as asthma and lung cancer.  

    E10 reduces fine particulate emissions from vehicles by 30 per cent.  

    The Australian Medical Association has said “In our opinion, there is incontrovertible evidence that the addition of ethanol to petrol and biodiesel to diesel will reduce the deaths and ill-health associated with the emissions.”

    Ethanol adds value to agriculture crops, therefore benefiting regional communities.  

    A thriving ethanol industry would bring many benefits to regional Australia and create higher employment in regional areas.  

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  • United Number 1 for Customer Satisfaction (Again!)

    by Adrian Zandberg | Aug 27, 2012
    Cannstar award

    Recent results of the Canstar survey of service station customers have shown that United Petroleum is fully fuelled in terms of customer satisfaction. 

    United Petroleum received a five star rating for overall customer satisfaction; ahead of four star recipients Caltex, Mobil and 7-Eleven. Coles Express, Shell, BP and Caltex Woolworths, who each received three stars for this criteria. United Petroleum Chief Operating Officer David Szymczak says winning the award for the second year running is a great encouragement to United Petroleum and its people. “The Canstar Award for ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ recognises our persistent efforts in delivering customer-focused
    service every year.” David said. “The customer’s expectation on convenience retailing services is ever increasing. To maintain our leading position, we will continuously improve our operations, improve our offer and provide excellent service to our customers.” 

    FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION David Szymczak recieving the award on behalf of United Petroleum Customer satisfaction is not the only area United Petroleum performed well in. We were a clear standout with a five star rating for the price of their petrol, followed by Mobil and 7-Eleven with two stars each; then by Caltex, Coles Express, Shell, BP and Caltex Woolworths with one star each. “Competitively priced fuel and value for money is a core promise at United.” “We understand the concerns of our customers and do our best to keep our fuel prices competitive,” David said. Thank you and congratulations to all our team members who have worked hard to provide such an outstanding level of customer service. 
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  • Two new United Petroleum sites are now open!

    by Adrian Zandberg | Aug 24, 2012
    United Petroleum is proud to announce the opening of two new sites, in Doreen, Victoria and Kempsey, New South Wales. We welcome you to visit these two new sites.
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  • The New Digital Face of United Petroleum

    by Adrian Zandberg | Aug 16, 2012
    From next month, United Petroleum will have a new digital public face, with the launch of a new website and iPhone application.

    United Petroleum has always been an advocate of using new technologies and trends in order to reach our customers and hear what they have to say. Facebook and Twitter have been the primary focus of this, with many customers choosing to express their opinions through our social media sites, providing United with invaluable feedback. The company website, for the last few years at least, has also provided an excellent outlet for customers and other stakeholders to reach the company and learn more about its products and services. However, the nature of the digital world dictates that change and constant improvement is necessary for any business in order to remain relevant in an increasingly fast-paced environment, and the company has reacted accordingly.

    “Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch.

    United Petroleum’s reaction to the changing online landscape comes in the form of a two-pronged approach. The first is to improve what we already have. The company will launch a completely revamped website that will provide all stakeholders of the business, from staff and C.A.’s through to our customers, a much improved user experience. Some key changes that will be made include:
    • A journey planner that will allow customers to map a journey and have all United Petroleum sites that is on the chosen path to be highlighted and shown on a map.
    • An advanced search feature allowing users to better find what they are looking for in a timelier manner.
    • A cleaner, more user-friendly layout that will not only look better, but will also assist in making items easier to find.
    • More accurate means of communication with potential customers and data collection with the introduction of web forms that are more intuitive, and capable of communicating directly with our in-house systems.
    • A news section that will keep users up to date on the latest happenings within United Petroleum and also allow for feedback and discussion.

     United Wholesale Screenshot
      Screenshot of the new United Petroleum website - Wholesale section.

    A new site will bring with it new opportunities and potential for the company to reach new customers, and better connect with existing ones.

    Whilst a new website is exciting, United has had a presence in this medium for quite some time. Our website will allow for greater to connections to be made and will improve the return on investment that is spent on the website. However, it is the impending release of a United Petroleum iPhone application that is creating the most buzz around the United offices. The app will see many features of the website built into it, including the aforementioned journey planner, which will give our customers the ability to plan their trip on the go, and find their nearest station while on the road. 
    Other features include the ability to view the latest convenience promotions, and filter these by location and even access store specific promotions. An advanced store locator will provide users with the option of filtering results in much the same way as the current search feature on the website, such as selecting stations that sell certain fuels as well as the facilities available such as roadhouses and bathrooms. Another exciting feature that is exclusive to the application is the ability to push notifications to users based on their location. This is a major benefit, as sites can have their own individual promotions that can then be promoted when a user enters within a certain radius, thereby increasing the chance of getting a customer in-store to make a purchase.

     United application screenshot
    Screenshot of the new United iPhone application homepage.

    With both of these exciting new digital platforms being released it has given United Petroleum a chance to not only better serve our existing customers but also reach new customers, as well as assisting our many commission agents, franchisees and other members of the United family in achieving their goals.

    It is hoped with this investment into our new website and iPhone application that United Petroleum will continue to remain at the cutting edge of customer communications and technology.

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