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10 Ways To Survive a Roadtrip With Your Toddler

Travelling to new places with your toddler can be a rewarding yet challenging experience

Here are 10 handy tips to make sure the whole family enjoys the drive:

  1. Plan your trip
    You can use our helpful location finder to plan your roadtrip so you’ll never get stuck without fuel, drinks and snacks again!
  2. Stock up on songs
    Get your devices locked and loaded full of your kids’ favourite songs, but don’t forget to actually download them to the device, not just stream them in case your reception drops!
  3. Have your chargers on hand
    Pop your phone chargers/car chargers in the glove box before you leave in case it dies and you end up having to pull over with a screaming toddler and rummage through your bags. Time is of the essence!
  4. Stock up on films/ shows
    Get your iPad/tablet/laptop locked and loaded with movies and TV shows for your little ones to enjoy, but just like with the songs, remember to download them in case you have no internet during the drive!
  5. Stock up on car suitable toys
    Some toys last 5 minutes before they’re on the floor and your kid is screaming for you to pick them up. Try one of those magnetic drawing boards instead so your little one can draw without making any mess. Other people in the car could also use this as a way of making “flashcard” type drawings and keeping bub entertained.
  6. Avoid books or colouring
    Not only can these make your toddler car sick, the last thing you want is mini Picasso loose on your upholstered seats.
  7. Pack an insulated colds bag
    Fill this with yoghurt, flavoured milk, water, cheese, fruit…anything that is perishable on the drive but useful in keeping bub entertained.
  8. Stock up on nappies, baby wipes and dry snacks
    You can never, ever have enough!
  9. Have two changes of clothes and a hat on hand for any accidents or rest stops to freshen up
    This is particularly useful if bub has been eating in the back
  10. Make sure there’s room on your phone for plenty of pics
    If you plan ahead with your little one using the tips above, your child is bound to enjoy all aspects
    of the holiday which will create some great memories for you all!