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5 Ways To Get The Most From Your Tank

1 – Check your tyre pressure

The number one culprit when it comes to excess fuel consumption is tyre pressure being too low. Make sure you fill your tyres to the level your car’s manufacturer suggests (you can usually find this on the bottom of the inside of the driver’s side door). Your local United will have an air hose, so make sure to check your tyres when you refuel.

2 – Close your windows at speed

The more drag from the air inside your car due to the windows being open, the slower your car will go, which means you’ll need to use more fuel. Windows shut, air con on.

3 – Don’t accelerate too hard

It’s easy to hit the floor when you’re overtaking someone on the freeway, but if you can, gradually ease into acceleration rather than putting your foot down. That way your engine won’t have to work as hard and burn up as much fuel.

4 – Reduce excess idling

Turn the engine off while you’re waiting for your pizza and you won’t waste any fuel.

5 – Pack light

Simple physics – the heavier the load the harder your engine will have to work. Pack as light as you can to really get the most from your tank.


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