FAQs - United Petroleum

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Do I need to know about the petroleum industry?

No, although previous exposure to the industry would be considered an advantage. United is looking for driven, ambitious, organised and highly motivated individuals to join our franchise network.

Do I have to buy the fuel?

No, the fuel is provided to you on behalf of United. We pay a cents per litre (CPL) commission on every litre of fuel you sell and guarantee this at a minimum amount so that you have reassurance in your income for peace of mind.

Are there any ongoing fees?

Royalties are paid on the gross shop turnover at a fixed percentage (not including sales of fuel). This payment includes rent for the site, continual access to systems, processes, improvements and all marketing initiatives and national promotions.

Can I exit at any time?

A lot can happen over twelve years and we recognise here at United that sometimes, plans can change. Should you wish to sell your franchise before your tenure has ended, then all you need to do is present United with a willing buyer for approval and then the payment for Goodwill is all yours to keep.

Will I have to purchase equipment or fit-out the store?

No, United provide all initial equipment and fit-out of the site, so that from day one you are able to start selling.

What sort of training will I get?

We understand that all franchisees have varying degrees of experience and qualifications. This is why we tailor a training program specifically for you. You will receive various modules of training, both theory and practical across a five-week program that doesn’t stop when you start your first day of trade. Our Franchise and Field Teams are there to provide on-going support and training for as long as you require it once you move into you site.

We also recognise that the retail environment is an ever-changing landscape. This is why we provide all franchisees with a Training Portal through a specially designed intranet program that continually feeds through updates for you and your staff to keep you constantly in touch and one step ahead of your competition!

What is the cost of a Franchise?

Although we try and work with you and your budget, the initial investment usually starts at around $450,000 (including Franchise Fee, Goodwill, Shop Stock, Bank Guarantee (Fuel) and Training). All fuel is supplied to franchisees at no purchase cost.

Can I buy multiple sites?

United are keen to encourage strong site operators, and are open to discussing multi-site arrangements with those who have demonstrated a commitment in running a well organised and profitable operation. United already have a number of franchisees who have become multi-site operators.

If I sell before my tenure expires, do the franchisees I sell to have to pay a new Franchise Fee?

Yes. Regardless of when you sell, all incoming Franchisees pay a Goodwill Fee to the exiting Franchisee and a new Franchisee Fee to United Petroleum Franchise. Where possible, United will sign new franchisees up for a new full term rather than the tenure remaining on your agreement.

What sort of person makes a good franchisee?

The qualities that make a successful Franchisee are: leadership and good communication skills, team player, driven, willingness to learn, self discipline and a strong drive to excel in customer service. Those that have had experience working within a retail environment are already well prepared with understanding the importance of keeping shop shelves full, maintaining a clean and tidy store, presenting a friendly smile at the counter and how they all translate quickly into profits (but cost nothing!).

Who provides my store with staff?

All Franchisees are responsible for the hiring, training and payment of all their own staff. Details of the Industry Award rates are provided to all prospective franchisees through the interview process.

Can I bring in my own products to sell?

No. Protection and consistency of brand is important in any Franchise arrangement and is usually the backbone for the success of a franchise. Increasing Food Safety Laws in Australia as well as a high placement of value in brand equity means that there needs to be a certain degree of control in not only how the brand is presented and maintained, but that risks to consumer health are eliminated as best as possible. Whilst we recognise that demographics can differ between sites and makes attempts to cater accordingly, we also accept that limited shop space means we are unable to please everyone all of the time. Franchisees are provided with a formal process to request the introduction of new products and have the request reviewed for approval by the Merchandise Team.