COVID-19 - United Petroleum

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Keeping Our Community Safe

We are in this together.

At United Petroleum, we understand the pivotal role within communities we are playing.

Not only providing the essential services to regions and valuable employment avenues but also the management of health / hygiene as it evolves, reacting quickly to this national situation.

Like many, we are adjusting and introducing a wide range of additional measures to help protect our customers, team members and the community from the global virus.

We ask that each customer adjusts their habits accordingly and assists us in helping manage the spread.

It is upon us all to follow some basic principles of interaction and limit the opportunities for the contagion to be passed between us all.

Measures that each customer can follow during their visit to the fuel bowser

  • GET YOUR GLOVE – For years we have jumped out of our cars and pulled the trigger for fuel… Time to adjust, make your first stop to the counter and get yourself a disposable glove.
  • THEN FUEL YOUR CAR – Once you’ve got your glove on, start the fuelling process… Just this step alone ensures you haven’t come in contact with the customer prior to your fill.
  • PAY YOUR WAY – If there is an alternative method of paying please use this method at the bowser but, if you need to enter the sites premises, leave the glove on your hand and keep your distance in the queue.
  • CARD ONLY – We hope you understand that our attendants are there to serve but can’t handle cash at this time, we need you to pay by card. Please remember that the EFTPOS terminal you touch is also being handled by each customer so please, keep the glove on for this process too.
  • KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – Just like the queue, remember to stay 2 metres away from our staff at the counter. We all have habits and this will be tricky to remember but, it’s just like “DANCING WITH THE STAFF”… When you step forward they step back, when the attendant steps forward, you step back… Please be mindful that the staff are coming in contact with hundreds of people per day – We ask for this little “performance” at the counter to keep you and your family safe.
  • THEN THROW IT AWAY – On your way out, dispose of the glove – They can only be used once and we don’t want everything you just touched ending up on the steering wheel of your car. Put them in the bin and then drive away.


Automatic hand sanitisers are being sourced as fast as we can however, as much as we’d like to have these available at every petrol pump, we are facing the same issues as the rest of the country.

With over 5000 individual units being needed almost hourly, it’s a work in progress.

Also, they seem to vanish from unless monitored at the counter so, the above steps are the best alternative to keep everyone safe with the products we have available to us right now.

A few simple tips to maintain when dropping by our stores could include:

  • Get your Glove.
  • Pay at the pump for fuel (where available);
  • Have hand sanitiser in your card and clean as you leave.
  • Use sterile wipes or paper towels if we run out of gloves to handle the petrol bowser when filling your car.


Safety and hygiene standards across United Petroleum sites have always been paramount and we are reinforcing these where necessary and implementing additional measures to meet the current risks around the pandemic we all face.

This includes regularly cleaning and sanitising fuel pumps, counters, point-of-sale and EFTPOS terminals along with providing updated hygiene advice to all UP staff members to help better protect every area of our business, the customers and their families from COVID-19.


In the event a United team member reports symptoms, they are immediately instructed to self-isolate in accordance with Health Department guidelines.

  • All seated dining areas within the UP Convenience stores including Roadhouses are now closed and we are continuing to follow the advice from the Government & Health authorities and their recommendations for minimising the spread of the virus. We would ask our customers to adhere to the advice also.


The team at United.