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The Pie's The Limit!

United Petroleum - Pie FaceUnited Petroleum purchased iconic Australian business Pie Face and this is great news for the United family with a fresh take on fuel and convenience.

United has already commenced rolling out the Pie Face offering into many new and existing sites with the first four of many new sites having a Pie Face Restaurant added to their convenience stores at Deer Park, Altona, Croydon and Southport. Now, when customers stop to fuel their car, they can also fuel their bodies with tasty, wholesome food.

United Petroleum - Pie FaceThe plan is to leverage our scale and nearly 40 years of retail experience, with our company’s founders having been involved in fuel retailing since the 1980s, to help grow the food chain and protect the inherent value of the Pie Face brand. “When the opportunity to acquire Pie Face emerged we identified tremendous value in its brand, as well as its growth potential as a standalone business,” Gary Brinkworth, Group  CEO of United Petroleum said. “We took the decision that Pie Face would fit perfectly with our strategy of growing our business and achieving scale by expanding into new categories whilst growing customer numbers and building capability.”

Founded in 2003 by former Wall Street banker Wayne Homschek and interior designer Betty Fong, Pie Face had taken on Australia, and expanded into Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. Pie Face now has 21 separate locations in Australia and another 20 offshore. The business employs just under 60 staff, with 48 employed in Pie Face’s central kitchen and the remainder helping service the network.

The Australian convenience industry is rapidly evolving and we will continue to trial and test new products and services to ensure what we’re offering is what customers want.

The Pie Face rollout is part of United’s evolving retail strategy, aiming to reinvent the local convenience retailing industry and ensure that our sites continue to meet the changing needs of consumers, wherever they are.

United Petroleum - Pie Face