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About Dalby Bio-Refinery

Dalby Bio-Refinery

Dalby Bio-Refinery Ltd (DBRL) is Australia’s first grain-to-ethanol facility. First commissioned in 2008, DBRL is one of the largest consumers of sorghum in the Darling Downs region. DBRL converts nearly 200,000 metric tonnes of sorghum into 76 million litres of ethanol, and produces 180,000 of Wet cake (WDG) or 65k of Dry DDG cake each year, employing approximately 50 people.

The sorghum grain is converted into fuel-grade ethanol and high value animal feed products, called distillers grain and syrup. DBRL produces 76 million litres of ethanol each year, which is shipped across the country and blended with petrol (10% ethanol and 90% ULP) to form a cleaner burning fuel for Australia’s consumers.

One of the most important components of the DBRL business is our specialised workforce. Staff are highly-skilled with a specialised knowledge of the manufacturing processes. DBRL is dedicated to an on-going education programme for staff giving good results in quality control, commitment and motivation.

United Petroleum purchased Dalby Bio-Refinery Ltd in October 2011.

For more information please contact Brett Kuskopf, DBRL General Manager.