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Dalby Gas Pipeline

The Dalby Gas Pipeline
The Dalby Gas Pipeline was commissioned in 2008 and connects to an offtake on the Roma to Brisbane (RBP) gas pipeline at the Dalby Compressor Station that then transports unodourised natural gas 8.9 km through an 8 inch diameter polyethylene pipe to the Dalby Bio-Refinery.  The pipeline operates at pressure as high as 1050KPa (or 150 PSI) and travels in mostly road easement from the meter/regulator station adjacent to the Dalby Compressor Station northwards along the Moonie Highway, to Black Street, Warrego Highway, Volker Street & along the Dalby-Jandowae road to the DBRL site.

The Dalby Gas PipelineThe natural gas delivered to the Dalby Bio-Refinery is used to operate steam boilers for process units and a dryer facility to dehydrate by-products from the Bio-Refinery that are used feed for local stock.

United Pipelines Pty Ltd operate and maintain the Dalby Gas Pipeline and associated facilities to the highest safety and environmental standards and in accordance with the requirements of Pipeline Licence PPL131l issued by the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) and Environmental Authority No. EPG00148413 issued by the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science (DES).

For more information refer to the Dalby Gas Pipeline Stakeholder Awareness Letter or please contact Brett Kuskopf, DBRL General Manager.

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The Dalby Gas Pipeline