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Ethanol Specifications & SDSs

Denatured Fuel Ethanol shall mean Ethanol that conforms to the ASTM D4806 Specification for Fuel Ethanol and the following table:

Denatured Fuel Ethanol

Parameter Method Specification
Strength (%v/v @ 15C) ASTM D5501 > 95.6
Moisture (% v/v ) ASTM E1064 < 1.0
Methanol (% Volume) ASTM D5501 < 0.1
Acidity (mg/l as Acetic Acid) ASTM D1613 56 max
PH ASTM D6423 6.5-9.0
Non- volatile matter (mg/100ml) ASTM D1353 < 2.5
Inorganic chloride (mg/l) ASTM D512 B 32.0 max
Copper (mg/l) ASTM D1688 A 0.10 max
Sulfur (mg/l) ASTM D5453 30.00 max
Sulfate (mg/l) ASTM D7328 4.00 max
Denaturant (% volume) 1.0- 1.5
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Undenatured Industrial Grade Ethanol

Parameter Method Specification
Strength (%v/v @ 20C) ASTM D4052 > 99.7
Appearance ASTM D2090 Clear liquid, free from any foreign matter
Acidity % Wt/Wt ASTM D1613 < 0.002
Moisture (% v/v ) ASTM E1064 < 0.42
Non-volatile matter (% Wt/Wt) ASTM D1351 < 0.002
Color (Pt/Co) ASTM D1209 10.0 max
Density @ 20C (Kg/m3) ASTM D4052 795.0 max
Miscibility with water Not Applicable Complete
Odour Not Applicable Characterisitc
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