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E85 Race Blend

Enhanced engine performance

Environmentally responsible performance

Better for the air we breathe

E85 is an abbreviation for an ethanol fuel blend of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% Premium 98 or regular petrol. The Ethanol component is produced by United at its Dalby Refinery from locally sourced Sorghum Grain.


E85The benefits
  • Lower impact on the environment: Ethanol is considered to be better for the environment. Ethanol-fueled vehicles produce lower carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions, and the same or lower levels of hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen emissions.
  • Better for the air we breathe: E85 can provide important reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is partially accomplished due to the fact that ethanol contains a very high oxygen content (up to 35%), which allows it to burn more cleanly and more completely than petroleum.
  • Ethanol also contains less gum-forming compounds than traditional petroleum. In fact, E85 contains approximately 80% less of these gum-forming compounds. As a direct replacement for petroleum, ethanol also displaces toxic chemicals such as benzene.
  • Enhanced Power and Performance: Flex Fuel vehicles are specifically designed to take advantage of the very high octane rating of 105, present in E85.
  • E85 in Motorsport: At the beginning of the 2009 season, all V8 Supercars made the switch to E85. Drivers have noticed the reduced emissions and enhanced performance of their cars.
  • Cheaper price at the bowser.


Is it suitable?

This fuel is only suitable for specifically built or modified to use E85. This includes Flexible Fuel Vehicles (such as the new Holden Commodore) and V8 racing supercars. It is a suitable replacement for vast majority of unleaded vehicles.

Safety Data
For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.
Safety Data
For more technical information about this fuel please see our MSDS report below.
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