LPG Restrictions & Safety - United Petroleum

LPG Restrictions & Safety

Dispensing Restrictions (LPG Autogas)

Only approved LPG tanks fitted with an auto-fill limiting valve can be filled. Domestic or commercial portable LPG or BBQ cylinders cannot be safely filled at Autogas dispensers. 

BBQ Gas Bottle Safety

  • Leaking, damaged or faulty BBQ gas bottles cannot be exchanged or left at United retail service stations
  • Notify store staff if you detect or suspect a gas leak in the BBQ gas bottle cage


When transporting BBQ gas bottles please be aware of the following precautions;

  • Avoid transporting bottles inside passenger compartments
  • Do NOT transport bottles loose or lying down
  • Always keep cool and away from flames, sparks and heat
  • Do NOT leave bottle in an enclosed vehicle unnecessarily – a maximum of two 9kg gas bottles should be kept in an enclosed vehicle at any time
  • Ensure values are turned off firmly to minimise any leaks