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Car Wash

Car Wash

We have a range of car wash services (U Wash & Wash UP) to cater to all our customers’ needs. At a U Wash station, customers are able to wash their cars themselves, at their own pace. For those who are time conscious, we offer our automatic car wash service – Wash UP.

Wash Up
  • Basic Wash (express) will pre-soak your car with foam, perform a soft brush wash and finally rinse your car.
  • Ultimate Wash will provide a more thorough wash by pre-soaking your car with foam, performing a soft brush wash, wheel wash, protective wax before finally rinsing your car.


For enquires regarding SDS for our car wash chemicals range please refer to the Autoklene website or contact the HSSE Team on (03) 9413 1589 or (03) 9413 1411.