The Future is #UnitedGreen - United Petroleum

The Future is #UnitedGreen

We’ve seen a shift in the way consumers shop; ethical and sustainable factors are now an important consideration when purchasing meat, fish, poultry, clothing etc.. .

SO why hasn’t the fuel industry seen a similar shift when there is a greener option? The answer is simple; consumer education.

Our vehicles take us from A-B and some days to C, Q and Y too! While we mindlessly spend thousands of dollars on fuel each year the data indicates we don’t consider the impact our fuel choice is having on the environment.

United’s E10 is the kale of the fuel world, except here’s the best bit; it’s CHEAPER than Regular ULP! E10 is a greener choice of fuel for multiple reasons:

  • It reduces fine exhaust particulares up to a qualified 50%
  • Reduces hydrocarbon emissions by up to 30%
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 7% (comparred to regular ULP)
  • Improves engine performance; and
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions.

Further to these environmental benefits, by purchasing United’s E10, you’ll be supporting an Australian owned, world leader in Ethanol production helping to sustain a local community with jobs at the United Bio Refinery in Dalby, Queensland.

SO, next time your gauge is on empty, consider the air you breathe and make the switch.

Think green – #UnitedE10Green