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About Us

Our growing business means continued
opportunities for all Australians

100% Australian owned

Our business touches the lives of all Australians. We are one of the fastest growing companies in Australia, specializing in the retail and wholesale fuel markets and convenience stores, generating employment for over 2,000 Australians. So whether you are a truck driver, IT specialist, marketing co-ordinator, service station attendant or business executive, we are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable work environment.


The United Story

Our directors began their journey in the petroleum industry in 1981, operating a group of service stations under the Astron banner.

Astron was closely associated with Esso (an Exxon Company) and by 1990 the company had constructed 23 new sites operating under the Esso brand throughout Victoria.

United Petroleum was established in 1993 with the opening of a chain of service stations/convenience stores in South Australia. We expanded operations into Victoria, and over the next two years built networks in New South Wales, ACT and Queensland.

We subsequently acquired and developed sites in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania and now have a national network of service stations and associated tenancies.

We vertically integrated in the mid 2000’s via the acquisition of fuel import terminals in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Control of terminal facilities has allowed us to seek high quality petroleum products not only from refineries within our shores, but also via the importation of bulk tanker-loads.

This has allowed us to increase supply-chain security and provide pricing and negotiating benefits, giving us the ability to compete aggressively with major competitors.

Pie Face

The humble meat pie has been an Aussie favourite for many years which is why Pie Face is proud to be an iconic Australian pie brand.

Coming to life in 2003, Pie Face uses only premium ingredients and then combines these with traditional French style flaky puff pastry to create a delicious range of pies. Best of all, each pie is hand crafted and freshly baked in-store. Now in over 250 United stores around Australia, our award-winning pies are putting a smile on the faces of all pie lovers!

Sustainability Report

– July 2022

This report provides a snapshot of how United incorporates environmental, social and governance principles into our practices and policies, whether they relate to how we store and trasport our fuel, operate our retail outlets or support our people.

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Commission Agents

Interested in joining the United community?

If you have previous experience in owning or managing cafes, restaurants, bakeries or quick service restaurants with food preparation and selling skills, then you may be more suitable than you think.



With a broad portfolio of businesses, we are always seeking talented, skilled and enthusiastic people to join our team.

At United we support our people to grow, learn, develop and prosper. We expect our team to make the most of opportunities, to be passionate about their work and to respect others. In return, we offer a diverse and dynamic environment with great career opportunities for people who share our values.

Our success comes from our talented support system – our people.

For all current employment opportunities at United please visit our page on Seek.