Operations - United Petroleum



Our extensive supply chain ensures
availabilty of fuel across our vast country.

Supply & Trading

United Supply and Trading (UST) plays a critical role in optimizing our assets and operations.

The UST team buys and sells refined products in global markets, manages price and other risks to support United operations, as well as other third party clients.


United Terminals

Since its inception, United has strategically evolved its business from its origins as a small fuel retailer, to become a successful, vertically integrated national fuel business. We operate terminals at strategic locations across Australia, varying by capacity, capability and range of products stored, geared to local, regional or national demand.

Expertise and Technology

The expertise and technology we have developed at our storage terminal facilities allows us to safely and efficiently receive, store and distribute a broad range of products (including fuel grade ethanol) with services including the blending of products.

The ultimate benefit is the ability to provide customers with quality fuels at highly competitive prices.

Hastings Terminal

Located on the Mornington Peninsula, this terminal is one of the State’s largest facilities servicing Victoria and associated sites.

Hastings Terminal acts as a key distribution hub with storage capacity of 190 million litres. This highly advanced terminal with petroleum products including ethanol blended fuels is distributed through its multi bay truck loading system.

The site receives imported products from ships connected to a pipeline running 9.5 kilometers and capable of receiving large product tankers. The pipeline is supported by large booster pumps reducing in-port times.

Bell Bay Terminal


Located north of Launceston Tasmania, on the Tamar River, our Bell Bay Terminal boasts a capacity of 49 million litres and is capable of servicing the entire state with petroleum products including ethanol blended fuels distributed through its truck loading system.

With its dual pipeline receipt system, the site which is located close to the port is capable of receiving multi grades of product simultaneously by ship with reduced in-port times.

Mackay Terminal


Located in Northern Queensland, the recent purchase of our Mackay Import Terminal is a strategic move for United as we continue to grow throughout Queensland and the rest of Australia. The site helps to strengthen our support to provide high quality products and services to our customer base.

Mackay Terminal is a modern, state of the art facility offering advanced features and technology to provide highly efficient supply of product to our customers. The terminal has a storage capacity of 78 million litres and with its associated supply options, is capable of providing multi grades of product including ethanol blended fuels to service the region. The site is capable of receiving fuel from ships with the use of dual marine loading arms and a large capacity pipeline reducing in-port times. The site also has the capacity to support intercompany connectivity via its infrastructure and allows for dual fuel tanker loading to reduce loading times.