Customer Safety - United Petroleum


Customer Safety

Safety is our priority

Help us to keep you safe by following these simple rules:

Children – always accompany young children across the forecourt. Do not allow a child under 15 years of age to hold or operate the petrol nozzle.

Engine – switch off your engine before filling up and never attempt to jump-start your or anyone else’s car on the fuel forecourt. Any sparks can be hazardous.

Mobile phones – do not use your mobile phone. If you drop your phone a spark can be produced which may ignite fuel vapours. Using a mobile phone during refuelling can also distract you from the task or make you less observant to other hazards such as moving vehicles.

Motorcycles – always dismount from your motorcycle before fuelling. A hot exhaust or engine is potentially hazardous and the spillage of fuel can cause a fire or serious injury.

Petrol spills – if a spill occurs, inform the console operator immediately. Never use a fuel cap or any other device to latch open the fuel dispensing nozzle – leaving your vehicle unattended while it is being refuelled can cause large spills.

Pilot lights – turn off any pilot lights in boats or caravans before arriving at the service station.

Smoking – never smoke around petrol: it is highly flammable and volatile.

Refuelling Restrictions – Petrol and Diesel

Portable petrol containers (such as a fuel tank for your boat, container for your garden equipment or a spare container for your vehicle) exceeding 25L cannot be refilled at dispensers.

Approved petrol containers of 25L or less must be placed on the ground before refilling to prevent the build-up of static electricity, avoid causing a build-up of fuel vapours in your vehicle and the potential ignition of flammable vapours.

Fixed fuel tanks on portable equipment transported to a retail service station (e.g. jet skis, boats, motorbikes) must be earthed using bonding cables before they can be refilled.

If you have a large diesel fuel container (such as 200L drums or tray mounted fuel tanks) that can’t be taken off your vehicle to earth it, talk to site staff before you begin and they will be able to provide or instruct you in using an earthing strap to prevent static electricity build up.

Vehicles with leaking or faulty fuel tanks or fittings will not be authorised for refuelling.

Avoid transporting fuel containers in enclosed vehicles or leaving them where they can overheat.

Reporting Issues and Incidents

For the reporting of emergency incidents at United sites, or involving United vehicles transporting our products, always call 000 immediately.

To notify United of any serious incidents, safety, security or environmental concerns you can speak to United site staff directly or contact the 24/7 United Emergency Response Service – ISS First Response Call Centre directly on 1800 428 288.

If you have any safety concerns or issues that you would like to report please ask Site Staff for a ‘Customer Complaint’ form that can be completed at site & lodged with staff. Alternatively, you can complete a customer feedback request on this website & United will staff will get in touch with you to discuss the issue.

Dealing with Fuel Spills

Always notify site staff of any fuel spill on the forecourt so they can act quickly to contain & clean it up. Yellow spill kits are available at all stores & contain some basic spill containment equipment that can be used to stop fuel going into drains or becoming a slip hazard.

Emergency stop buttons can be located on the forecourt & near store entrances that will cut fuel flow to all dispensers. If you observe fuel or Autogas leaking from a customer vehicle or fuel dispenser, a fire on the forecourt or any other dangerous situation don’t hesitate to activate one of these devices & notify site staff of the situation immediately.

Keeping our Staff Safe

Please be vigilant for any of our staff, fuel tanker drivers or contractor personnel that may be working on the forecourt – they will be wearing high visibility vests & establishing ‘safety zones’ with safety cones & yellow spill kits if they need to restrict access on the forecourt, maintain equipment or check storage tanks. Please do not enter any ‘safety zone’ or restricted access area at any time and be aware of that potential hazards may be present or created by any work activities in progress on the forecourt or in our stores.

For further enquiries regarding our fuels, in-store products, car wash chemicals or other SDS not listed here or for any other OHS related queries regarding United service station operations or products please contact the HSSE Team.
Call (03) 9413 1589 or (03) 9413 1411.