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Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel

We are the supplier of choice to a wide range of customers with a variety of needs. Our experienced sales team can provide your business with an offer that will exceed your expectations.

United have a proven track record of supplying a range of fuel, lubricant and equipment services to:

  • independent service stations
  • fuel distributorships and bulk fuel resellers
  • marine bunkering at selected ports
  • marinas offering refuelling facilities
  • pastoral and agricultural applications
  • commercial businesses requiring fuel storage, equipment and management solutions


If you are looking to brand your service station with United, our offer includes:

  • access to our competitive fuel and Autogas pricing as a result of our national purchasing position
  • supply security with quality products through our partnerships with global leaders such as Shell, Mobil as well as via United’s own bulk fuel terminals
  • a retail Store program with monthly store promotions and merchandising support
  • no branding or franchise fees or annual charges
  • membership of our national United fuel card network


Bulk Terminals

Since its inception, United has strategically evolved its business from its origins as a small fuel retailer, to become a successful, vertically integrated national fuel business.

As we push ahead with our growth plans, we continue to invest in the quality and growth of our retail network which is expanding rapidly. As such we are also investing in the infrastructure needed to maintain consistent supply to our sites and stores around the country.

Expertise and technology

Our storage terminals are a vital resource to our growth plans around the country. We handle many different products at our facilities, including clean refined products and biofuels such as ethanol. The expertise and technology we have developed at our facilities allows us to provide a broad range of services, including sophisticated blending of products; as well as truck, pipeline and discharging services which can discharge a ship at 1 million litres per hour.

Key distribution hub

We operate terminals at strategic locations across Australia, varying by capacity, capability and range of products stored, geared to local, regional or national demand. As one of the largest facilities our Hastings terminal acts as a key distribution hub, with storage capacity across nine tanks of 141m litres. The highly advanced Hastings terminal is equipped to handle a range of products, with blending facilities on-site and a 12 inch pipeline stretching a massive 9.5kms to our shipping berths, which are now capable of receiving some of the largest ocean-going tankers. LR tankers can carry between 345,000 barrels and 615,000 barrels of petrol (55-95 million litres) and we currently receive a ship for discharge every three weeks, that’s around 17 per year.

Major benefits for all sites

This enhanced capacity will deliver a number of real benefits to our site operators and partners. The increase in the number of loading gantry bays effectively triples the number of loading arms from 8 to 24 leading to reduced waiting times for tankers and faster deliveries to sites.

The ultimate benefit is the ability to provide customers with quality fuels at highly competitive prices.

With our ambition to fuel Australia by expanding national access to safe, reliable and affordable fuel and conveniences we’re sure you’ll agree that United’s growth plans are far from terminal and that the future is, indeed, very bright.